Volumentric Fog

Create incredible ambience and mood in your environments using the new Volumetric Fog! Varying densities are supported so you can simulate clouds of dust or smoke flowing through light shafts and any number of lights can affect the Volumetric Fog.

Image-Based (FFT) Convolution for Bloom

Create physically-realistic Bloom Post Process Effects using the new Image-Based (FFT) Convolution feature!

Distance Field Lighting Optimizations

The Texture Streaming system has been optimized to reduce CPU usage, memory usage, and load times while eliminating low resolution artifacts and automatically handling limitations of varying memory budgets of different platforms.

Low-level Clothing Simulation

Take more control over clothing simulations using the new low-level NvCloth clothing solver from NVIDIA! We have replaced the APEX clothing solver with a lower level solution called NvCloth from NVIDIA. The new solver is similar to the core solver of the previous APEX solution with few slight behavior changes, but it provides better access to the simulation data and some extra exposed parameters for inertia settings.

Release Games on Nintendo Switch

Develop and release games for the Nintendo Switch! Unreal Engine 4’s Nintendo Switch support is certification compliant, enables networked multiplayer, and provides access to multiple rendering pipelines - deferred, mobile forward, and clustered forward - to enable developers to create virtually any type of game.

VR Mode UI and Interaction Updates

Build your world using VR Mode! Unreal Editor has been overhauled to provide a more intuitive workflow and editing experience while developing in VR! A new asymmetrical controller setup puts a new and improved Radial Menu on one hand and an interaction laser with improved precision on the other to make working with objects in your level quick and easy.

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Author SergeOvD
Published May 24, 2017
Engine Update
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